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Ryan’s Top Five Plant Draft

With the NBA draft right around the corner we thought it would only be fair to create another draft of our incredible plants. Ryan comes to us with a specialization in trees from Section 4 where he is the Head Grower. Originally from Oklahoma he brings a flare of the south with him into his draft. He has narrowed down his draft to the top five contending plants and we cannot wait to share them with all our plant enthusiasts.

Selection 1:

Ryan started the draft with his number one pick going out to the Acer Pacific Sunset Maple. It performs well in many areas including regions that are much drier in the summer and colder in the winter.  Ryan loves this tree because of its really deep green leaf and how it can be shaped in different ways. “It’s a really nice maple,” he says. It reaches a mature height of around 30 feet and a spread of about 25 feet.

Acer Pacific Sunset Maple

Selection 2:

His second pick includes a showy and fragrant perennial. For the second pick in the draft Ryan selected Dianthus Firewitch. It is the perfect perennial to add lots of color and variety within a landscape. When placed together closely in a landscaping they can be used as a beautiful groundcover. Dianthus can even grow in areas with stone walls where other plants struggle to grow. They thrive in full sun and bloom from May to June.

Our crop of Dianthus Firewitch.

Selection 3:

Thuja Fire Chief Arborvitae was selected third in the draft. The orange and green colors on the plant give really good depth, and when it is planted in landscapes, the coloring makes it look larger than it is. It is disease and deer resistant and is easily maintained as it does not require pruning. There are many ways to add this into ones landscape design, it even grows well as a container plant.

Ryan observing one of our Thuja Fire Chief Arborvitae.

Selection 4:

Next in the draft Ryan selected Quercus Regal Prince. Ryan just really likes columnar trees, and this is one of his favorites. Columnar trees can be planted both symmetrically and asymmetrically, which makes them very versatile. Personally, he really likes the look of them when they are planted symmetrically by one another. They can be used as clumps, but overall, Ryan thinks they look better as specimens. Regal Prince is also known for their resistance to borers and powdery mildew.

Ryan working on our crop of Quercus Regal Prince trees.

The Final Selection:

Lastly Ryan presents the Southern Magnolia to his draft. Although not grown here in the Kansas environment, which cannot support Southern Magnolias, the tree is still nostalgic for him. Growing up they were present for much of his childhood in Oklahoma. Overall they have a beautiful leaf, flower, and structure. When blooming they have a large white blossom which is fragrant. We hope you enjoyed Ryan’s Plant Draft as much as we did learning about his selection.

A Blossom from a Southern Magnolia. Photo credits: Pexels 

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