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Superb Shrubs for 2020

Available in a range of sizes, shapes, colors and textures, shrubs are a perfect addition to any landscape design. Whether looking for shrubs to fill empty spaces, complete a design or create a focal point, there is a shrub made for your landscape. Here are some of our favorites: 


Sunjoy Todo™ Barberry

Photo courtesy of provenwinners.com

This noninvasive barberry has dark purple foliage and year-round leaves to give it color in every season. This shrub requires no pruning, making it the perfect low-maintenance plant. With a mature height and spread ranging from 18 to 24 inches, it is the perfect addition for smaller spaces. 


Pugster® Series Butterfly Bush 

Our crop of Pugster Blue® Butterfly Bush.

This hardy variety offers the best of both worlds. Small and mighty, these bushes offer thick stems and the best survival of dwarf varieties. Besides hardiness, they are available in hard-to-find colors, like true-blue flowers in the Pugster Blue® Butterfly Bush and shades of purple in Pugster® Amethyst Butterfly Bush, both offered at Loma Vista Nursery. What we love most of all are the never-ending blooms this variety offers. This hardy shrub is perfect for adding large colorful blooms into your garden or landscape. 


‘Little Missy’ Boxwood 

Photo courtesy of starrosesandplants.com

Soon to join the Loma Vista Nursery lineup, this boxwood blight-resistant shrub is the perfect solution for disease-prone areas. ‘Little Missy’ is extremely hardy, tested on-site to -18 degrees Fahrenheit and experienced no cold damage. Offering dark green foliage and small maturity size, this low-maintenance boxwood is suitable for all landscapes. 


Oso Easy Double Red® Rose

Our crop of Oso Easy Double Red® Rose

Large and luscious red blooms are just the beginning with these beautiful roses. Top qualities include resistance to powdery mildew and black spot, low maintenance and continuous blooms. With flowers above the foliage, these large blooms are truly spectacular. Great for adding color to landscape beds, these roses have a spread of 24 to 36 inches.


Spice Girl® Korean Spice Viburnum

Photo courtesy of provenwinners.com

With fragrant white flowers and bold red foliage in the fall, this viburnum is sure to spice up any landscape. At maturity it has a height and spread of 72 to 84 inches. The plant tolerates shaded areas and is deer resistant.

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