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Mini & Mighty Shrubs

Maximize Beauty & Versatility

Workhorses of the garden provide both beauty and versatility. Consider the following mini and mighty shrubs if you’re looking to maximize landscape projects with personality, color and vibrancy. Petite Knock Out® Rose Petite Knock Out® Rose The first-ever miniature shrub rose is fire-engine red and a petite version of its full-size cousin. At only 18…

Plant an Array of Colors

Improve Your Health

Vibrant hues of pink, yellow and red pull your focus into the garden while subtle foliage colors like green and maroon create a calming effect. A colorful landscape or garden provides an encompassing experience. Through utilizing the colors of the rainbow, your landscape or garden can create the same effect. Explore our plant expert’s colorful…

Get Your Wish List Ready

Why This Month is the Best Time to Plan the Garden of your Dreams

There’s nothing like the power of imagination – especially when you’re looking out the window at lingering snow patches, brown grass and bare trees. Early spring, while the landscape is still dormant, is a great time to plan your outdoor living spaces. After all, do you want to spend the peak of the season deciding…