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Growing Green Careers

Catching Up with Loma Vista Nursery's Interns

The choice to follow a green career path is born from passion and a desire to leave the Earth a better place. That value is shared by all of Loma Vista Nursery’s past and more recent interns. To cap off Green Career Week, we thought we’d catch up with a few of them to see…

Fall-ing in Love with Grasses

Maximize Season Interest in the Landscape

What’s not to love about ornamental grasses? They’re versatile, attractive and virtually maintenance free. With plumes, arching branches and interesting colors, many come into their own in early fall. Here are a few we love from our nursery. Adagio Maiden Grass (Miscanthus sinensis ‘Adagio’) Adagio Maiden Grass Showy plumes emerge as delicate wisps of gold…

Prune to Grow

Giving Young Trees a Healthy Start

The recommended time to prune a mature tree in the landscape is during its dormant period. In the Midwest, that generally means late fall and early spring. But at Loma Vista Nursery, we prune trees that are at the start of their lives. We grow 1.5- to 4-inch caliper field-grown trees at our 650 acre-farm…

Slippery Slopes

Plants for Tough & Tricky Spaces

Good design doesn’t have to take a back seat to slopes and swales. Rather, tricky spaces are perfect places for perennials such as milkweed, coneflower and goldenrod. These workhorse plants can withstand climate change adversities while holding their own in color, texture and form. Here are a few other favorites we grow at Loma Vista…

Experiencing the View

Getting to Know Loma Vista Nursery's Intern

“Experience the View” is more than our mission statement at Loma Vista Nursery. It is an actionable training tool that is educating the next generation of horticulture professional. Each May through August, our on-nursery internship provides experience in horticulture and agriculture business and communications, as well as in environmental sciences and sustainability management. Interns participate…

Cooler Spaces

All About Shade Plants

Shady characters like heuchera, astilbe and Lamium bring the color and pizzazz to landscapes where the sunshine may be shy. With a variety of available colors and styles, there’s no limit on choice when it comes to shade plants for height, color and texture. Loma Vista Nursery grows a variety of shade plants for diverse…

Hardy Options

Drought Tolerant Plants that Stand Up to Stress

Landscape professionals looking for stylish, drought tolerant plants to include in their designs and projects have a variety of hardy options. Once established, the following selections stand up to stress from high heat, low moisture and poor soils while contributing unique color, functionality and texture. Here are some of our team’s favorites. Dark Knight Bluebeard…