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The Perks of Planting

Sure, it feels good to get your hands in the soil. Gardening also feels good for other reasons.

Here are the benefits:

Mental Health – According to Psychology Today, gardening can improve mental health by providing greater mental clarity and feelings of reward. It’s also good for alleviating anxiety and reducing stress.

Physical Health – When done regularly and properly, garden tasks help reduce certain health risks. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control has defined gardening as a moderate-intensity level activity.

Our crop of Info Caryopteris Dark Knight is perfect for attracting pollinators.


Environmental Health – As part of the natural world, plants help the greater environment by providing oxygen. Plants can be both a home and a food source for important pollinators and other beneficial wildlife. Plants and trees can also mitigate water and soil issues.

Economic Health – Plants and trees grown in nurseries provide jobs and a source of revenue for local independent garden center businesses, which supports local economies. Beautiful landscapes and garden beds are welcome signs for commercial businesses and can help increase homeowner property values.

Our crop of Bloom-A-Thon® Lavender. We love these bright blooms from Proven Winners® .


Here are some ways you can bolster your health and wellness with plantings this season:

  • Prepare your outdoor surroundings for the growing season by doing spring cleanup tasks, such as picking up debris or leaves that have accumulated in your yard over the winter. Rake out parts of your lawn and trim back dead or diseased shrubs or branches.
  • Take time to enjoy being outdoors on a beautiful day. Engaging with nature has been shown to elevate mood and reduce stress.
  • Our bright crop of Little Lemon Goldenrod.
  • Consider color when choosing flowers you’d like to see bloom in your garden. What colors make you feel happy, calm, inspired or motivated?
  • Plant more fruits, vegetables and herbs, either in garden beds or mixed with flowers in containers. Eating more fresh produce – especially foods grown in your own yard – improves nutrition and health.
  • Gardening with other people, whether through a community garden or in a small group, can alleviate feelings of isolation, especially after a long year of staying mostly at home and away from crowds. Continue to follow current advice for masking and distancing when taking part in garden tasks with others outside your household.

As we wait for the ground to thaw, enjoy a quick pick-me-up by planning your spring and summer garden. Browse our catalog for ideas.


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