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The Rush is On!

Preparing for the spring rush at Loma Vista Nursery is a lot like what you might see on a cable reality show. There never seems to be enough time to get it done but somehow it all comes together beautifully.

“As soon as the weather breaks, we are off and running for the spring season. The weeks leading up to Mother’s Day are typically our highest volume,” says Caitlin Hupp, regional sales manager.

Disassembling our hoop houses as the spring rush gets underway.

Quality Service – Exceptional Plant Material

We grow healthy plants for independent garden centers, landscape contractors and wholesale distributors throughout the Midwest. Our focus is always on providing quality service and exceptional plant material.

Pruning plant material is a big part of our work during the spring rush.

“We plan and watch for plant health, crop quality, gathering shipping information for our customers, and planting and preparing for future seasons,” says Lyndsi Oestmann, president.

Potting plants for shipping.

And that includes everything from plant production and distribution to sales and marketing.

Quality control is part of every step of our production process.

Weather is a Factor

We also monitor the weather for appropriate shipping times. Different areas of the Midwest can experience vast temperature fluctuations. Factoring in optimum times for shipping is part of logistics planning.

Plants are tagged and ready to ship.

“In Kansas, we typically start seeing the signs of spring around mid-March or early April. As temperatures rise in areas of the Midwest, clients are naturally eager to take receipt of their plants in order to keep up with demand from their end-user customers,” says Kurt Everett, regional sales manager.

So shipping out a full truck that maximizes freight and gets the best shipping rate for our customers is a priority. Planning routes with plant loads that make sense is important.

All packed up and ready for delivery to Midwest destinations.

Staggering Crop Schedules

“Technology is wrapped up in a lot of our processes, from order entry to online ordering and weekly availability. Our team does a really great job of communicating across departments to keep things running as smoothly as we can during our spring rush,” Lyndsi says.

We accommodate our clients’ plant needs by staggering crop schedules. If an early spring product sells out, we have another crop in production for availability within a few weeks or months.

Honk if you see our wrapped trucks on the road!

“Spring 2022 is on par with what we have seen over the last two years – people are excited about plants,” Lyndsi says. “Spring rush is on! It is an exciting time of year as we ship out our products to new and existing customers throughout the Midwest.”

Learn More About Plants from Us!

Loma Vista Nursery’s staff members are experts in the field! We love helping people learn and understand more about healthy plants that perform well in Midwest landscapes. Feel free to email us at sales@lomavistanursery.com or call us at (785) 229-7200 to get help with your plant-related questions.

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