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The Ultimate Summer Watering Guide

Everyone knows that having plants requires summer watering all year long.  Watering is one of the most crucial aspects of keeping plants healthy. It is easy to over water and underwater plants before winter or the first frost.  Luckily for you, we have created the best guide to help you keep your plants well watered and thriving year round.

1. Consistency is Key

The number one factor to remember when watering plants is to be consistent. Keep a cycle or rotation through your plants and allow them around the same amount of water each day.  This helps the plants to adjust to new environments and become well established within an area.  Plants love consistency, so giving them water consistency will help them to thrive.

2. Amount of Water 

Make sure to allow the proper amount of water to be given to plants, if you consistently give plants too much or too little water then they will not survive very long. It can be hard to determine how much water to give each plant but you can use this helpful chart to help calculate the correct amount. You can tell a plant is under watered if they have a dry soil surrounding them.  If a plant drys out do not over water to try and makeup the lost water, simply continue to water with consistency and adding slight amounts of more water.

3. Water Timing 

Many people wonder what time of day they should be watering their plants. The best time of day to water plants is in the morning. Watering in the morning allows for less evaporation and for the water to soak into the soil for the plant to use throughout the day. If you cannot water plants in the morning, late afternoon is the next best time to water plants. Be careful not to water too late into the evening as plants will develop fungal diseases from water on foliage. A special tip to remember is to avoid water wilting plants during the heat of the day. Many plants wilt to conserve moisture and then perk up again in the evenings.

4. Aim for Roots

Sometimes the best advice we can give is to water the roots and not the leaves. This promotes roots to grow deeper into the soil and become more established. Although it’s easier to spray leaves with a hose, the most efficient way to water plants is to aim for the roots. It is easy to overlook the basic of watering, but thankfully you now have our ultimate summer watering guide to help!

Watering is the essential element to growing a successful and well established landscape. The keys to successful watering include being consistent, applying the correct amount of water, time of day, aiming for the roots,  and planting at the right time. Simply put all the keys together and you will have a landscape like no other.  Before winter comes it is also essential to make sure all plants are well hydrated.  The best way to avoid winter loss in evergreens is to make sure they have a good watering before winter.

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