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Top 5 Plants for Spring Interest

We are finally in the swing of spring, and it looks like the days of frost and cold are finally behind us for the year (fingers crossed). Your yard or landscape ought to be in peak spring mode. Most spring-blooming plants are in full-flower by now. However, that may not be the case for you. Maybe your landscape is lacking certain pops of color or maybe you are missing spring-blooming perennials and shrubs all-together in your yard. Whatever the case is, we’ve created a list of our favorite plants for spring interest in order to help show you what you can plant to help add color to your house or business this spring.

Top 5 Plants for Spring Interest

1. Dianthus:

Number one on this list is Dianthus. These little perennials grow to be less than a foot tall. They are planted both for their foliage, which is a sage-blue color, and their flowers. Dianthus flowers tend to fall somewhere in the pink range from deep reds to light pinks to even some whites. Even though they are one of the first things to bloom in the spring, you can expect them to continue blooming all summer as well. Try using them as a border plant or feature them in a rock feature. Two of our favorite varieties that we grow are Firewitch and Firestar. If you want to learn more about Dianthus, you should check out this Dianthus Guide.

above: Dianthus Firestar

2. Azaleas:

We can’t talk about spring interest plants without talking about azaleas. Azaleas, a close relative of the rhododendron, explode in blooms during the spring. Most azaleas are red, pink, or lavender, and they tend to have a mature height of around 3ft. While the majority of azaleas have one bloom season in the spring, some varieties, specifically the Bloom-a-Thon® Series, have been bred to have multiple bloom seasons throughout the year. If you’re in need of a large burst of color in the spring, be sure to plant azaleas. Some personal favorites are the Hot Shot, Poukanense, and Bloom-a-Thon® Double Pink.

above: Azalea girard Hot Shot

3. Fothergilla:

We’ve already done an entire blog post about Fothergilla, but we like it so much that we had to include it in this list. This plant is under-utilized, so it will help your landscape stand out during the spring with its one-of-a-kind flowers that some say resemble ‘bottle brushes.’ If this plant peaks your interest, please read more about it in our blog post HERE. Some varieties you might consider are Mr. Airy, Gardenii, or Blue Dwarf.

above: Fothergilla flowers

4. Chaenomeles:

Next on our list is Chaenomeles aka Flowering Quince. If you’re looking for bright bursts of red/orange flowers in the spring, this is the plant for you. Chaenomeles are large shrubs with a mature height around 6 ft. that flower in the spring. The quince fruit it produces (some varieties are bred not to fruit) can be used to make preserves or jams. This plant is most commonly used as a hedge, but feel free to try it out as a standalone shrub in your landscape as well. Two of our favorite varieties are the Texas Scarlet and Double Take Scarlet.

above: Chaenomeles Texas Scarlet

5. Forsythia:

Last but definitely not least is the stunning Forsythia. This is the ultimate shrub for spring interest. Not only does it bloom before nearly every other plant, the plethora of blooms cover the entire plant before its leaves grow in for the year, so the shrub becomes a glowing yellow orb each spring. Varieties range in size from 3ft to 6 ft, and they are usually planted as hedges or accent bushes. We like the Lynwood Gold and Show Off Starlet varieties.

above: Forsythia Lynwood Gold

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