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Virtual Meeting, Real Education

Plants are known to adapt and grow into new environments. Likewise, our industry is adapting and growing into a new virtual environment. The virtual roots were planted for Cultivate’20, a popular industry event usually held in Ohio that shifted to a remote format this year, and our team members sprouted into the new platform to gain knowledge and network.

Our staff found this virtual Cultivate to be convenient for reducing traveling and allowing more staff members to participate. We loved connecting online as it removed navigating large crowds to network.

“We are amazed and impressed by American Horticulture. We are very thankful to be a part of this association that is bringing so much value to our industry,” said Lyndsi Oestmann, Loma Vista Nursery’s president.

Cultivate’20 offered online discussions forums, world-class education sessions, networking rooms and more. For intern Lucy Fletcher, her experience of Cultivate was full circle: she reported that these types of education sessions were less formal “classroom” presentations and more focused on hands-on, practical industry experience.

As a whole, the staff engaged in many aspects of the convention, including the Women in Horticulture panel and State of the Industry presentation. Loma Vista also hosted a virtual booth that attracted online visitors.

“I enjoyed listening to the new ideas and different perspectives that were given during the town hall, and the Women in Horticulture meetings,” said Taylor Feuerborn, our inside sales representative.

“While we missed attending in person this year, we were able to have even more of our team members participate virtually. We look forward to attending Cultivate’21 — whatever that format may be,” said Oestmann. “The standard for virtual conferences has been raised with the success of Cultivate’20.”

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