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Why Plant Hydrangeas

One of the best blooming shrubs known to gardeners and landscapers alike, hydrangeas serve as a mainstay for many reasons. Planting hydrangeas can give something for every landscape as there are numerous varieties to choose from. We have compiled some of the best reasons to plant hydrangeas and the best varieties for your landscape needs.

Reasons to Plant

One of the best reasons to plant hydrangeas is to add summer interest. Hydrangeas are perfect for adding color into your landscape for almost any time of the year. Some varieties start blooming in May while others do not start until July, offering color for any time you require. You can even select Macrophylla’s which will re-bloom, giving even more color to your landscape. Another reason to plant hydrangea’ s besides adding color is that they grow well in the heat. Some varieties such as Arborescens  Annabell even bloom in the shade.

Varieties to Note 

We have compiled some of our top varieties to help you select the best one for your area. Each has unique features to offer your landscape. If you are looking for a hydrangea that doesn’t overtake a small landscaping bed then the best options would be Hydrangea Invincible Wee White®, Hydrangea pan Bobo®, and Hydrangea pan Little Lime®. These three are all dwarf hydrangea’s, which allows them not to overtake a small landscape. All three of these dwarf varieties are great for zones 3-8 and enjoy partial to full sun. Little Lime® is even small enough to be grown in containers. Although smaller in size they all offer the large blooms hydrangea’s are known for.

If you are looking for something large and heat tolerant than the Hydrangea Mac BloomStruck® is perfect for you. They bloom in late spring to fall and are best in zones 4-9. Another great feature of the BloomStuck®’s is their resistance to powdery mildew and other diseases. They have a beautiful blight bloom that ranges from rose pink to purple depending on soil acidity.

Photo Courtesy of Endless Summer Hydrangeas.

Our final variety to take note of is the Hydrangea Limelight in tree form. This is a great way to showcase the flowers of the hydrangea, but in a tree form. These grow to around 6 feet and have a spread of 7 feet. If properly maintained they can live for up to 40 years. Simply put this is the perfect tree for anyone who loves hydrangeas.

Pictured above is the bloom on one of our Hydrangea Limelight trees.


Most varieties are very easy to maintain throughout the summer and require pruning just once a year. Each variety has it’s own specific requirements that owners should take into consideration. The first few years establishing the plant are the most vital. Keep the soil moist around the plant for water availability and watch it grow.  Check your local garden center for the correct fertilizer to apply in the spring. Fertilizing can make the difference for large blooms throughout the summer.

We hope you enjoyed learning about which Hydrangea is right for you and all of the reasons to plant them. Sometimes it is hard to choose plants but you can never go wrong with an elegant hydrangea. For more information on our hydrangea varieties click here.

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