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Indianapolis, Indiana

A close market to Indianapolis with
affordable shipping costs.

Loma Vista Nursery’s similar growing conditions to that of Indianapolis, make us an ideal supplier for this market. We ship frequently to Indiana. with a wide customer base, allowing for very competitive shipping rates and fast turn around from order to delivery.


Because the climate we grow in is very similar to the climate in Indiana, our plants are acclimated and are at less risk of injury from early frost in fall and late frost in spring. Pair with us as your Midwest wholesale grower and supplier in Indianapolis, Indiana.

The Bird’s Nest Spruce is a slow-growing cultivar of the Norway spruce family that will stay 2’-3’ in height and 3’-4’ in spread. Dense, ascending branches form a flattened globe shape with a flattened top. The depression that forms in the middle gives it the ‘nest’ name. The thin, dark grey-green needles stay about ¾” long. It’s a very versatile, dwarf conifer with a tight compact shape, and can be a great choice for an evergreen border or accent plant.

Known for its long bloom time, this tightly branched shrub is great for adding bright color to a landscape all summer long. Leaves are willow-like leading to rich yellow flowers, that are small in size but plentiful. They Sunny Boulevard® is hardy and requires very little maintenance, and works great as a shrub border or a brightly colored hedge. Receive a beautiful Sunny Boulevard from us as your Midwest wholesale grower and supplier in Indianapolis, Indiana.

The Golden Vicary Privet is known for its leaves, which turn a bright gold in full sun, to lighter green in shade. From late spring to summer, the white flowers that bloom change to small, dark, berry-like fruits which provide a great contrast to the vibrant foliage. They make a great hedge, as they are a dense shrub and very easy to grow and maintain. Brilliant colors stay around all year and will grow to 8’ high and wide in an oval shape.

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Loma Vista Nursery takes pride in shipping high quality, healthy nursery stock in a timely manner. We use both our own trucks as well as common carrier options to deliver your plant material at the lowest cost alternative available. Our nursery is centrally located, so wherever you are, we can get plant material to you with limited time in transit. Whether you prefer your order stacked or on racks, our processing department goes through your order prior, meticulously, ensuring quality, health and consistency. Then our shipping department communicates with you, striving to let you know all the information your need so you are ready to receive your beautiful plant material. We made sure our shipping process was simple. Pair with us as your Midwest wholesale grower and supplier in Indianapolis, Indiana.

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