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Loma Vista Nursery’s close proximity to Wichita and similar growing conditions make an ideal supplier for this market. We have trucks to Wichita at least weekly, and are able to arrive, unload and return in the same day trip. This allows for very competitive shipping rates and fast turn around from order to delivery. Because the climate we grow in is very similar to the climate in Wichita, our plants are acclimated and are at less risk of injury from early frost in fall and late frost in spring. Pair with us as your Midwest wholesale grower and supplier in Wichita, Kansas.

This is a splendid tri-colored evergreen that has dark pink with green and white variegation in spring. As the season progresses, you’ll see a softer pink with yellow and green hues. In summer, fragrant white blooms open up and produce a rosy tone as they mature. This is a great shrub for bordering as it stays compact and show year round interest.

As the name suggests, this evergreen shrub has vibrant gold foliage in all seasons, becoming brighter in summer. When planted with other green junipers or shrubs, it makes for a striking contrast in colors. The Gold Lace maintains a spreading habit and will hug the ground, and adapt to almost any landscape. At maturity, this juniper can get up to 6’ in spread. Receive a beautiful Gold Lace Juniper from your Midwest wholesale grower and supplier in Wichita, Kansas.

In spring, round leaves emerge in a rich purple color turning to a deep, near-black tone as summer heat arrives. The soft panicles that bloom in a misty “smoke” color also make this shrub a stunner in summer. As you move to fall, this smokebush will light up your landscape with reds and oranges. Unlike other smokebush, the Winecraft Black® has a rounded, dwarf habit and will stay 4’-5’ in height and spread, lending it more planting options where space is restricted.

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Loma Vista Nursery takes pride in shipping high quality, healthy nursery stock in a timely manner. We use both our own trucks as well as common carrier options to deliver your plant material at the lowest cost alternative available. Our nursery is centrally located, so wherever you are, we can get plant material to you with limited time in transit. Whether you prefer your order stacked or on racks, our


processing department goes through your order prior, meticulously, ensuring quality, health and consistency. Then our shipping department communicates with you, striving to let you know all the information your need so you are ready to receive your beautiful plant material. Shipping is simple with your Midwest wholesale grower and supplier in Wichita, Kansas.

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