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Tough Beauties

Autumn's Best Bloomers

Some may say the best part of autumn is its colors. As the weather turns cooler, these tough beauties stand up to fluctuating temperatures and climate conditions and still look good. Oakleaf Hydrangea ‘Alice’ (Hydrangea quercifolia ‘Alice) Alice Oakleaf Hydrangea  This tough, drought-tolerant hydrangea puts on a show in all four seasons. Leaves are large…

Toying With Plants

Our Favorites for Children's Gardens

With Grandparents’ Day coming up on Sunday, Sept. 10 we’re taking a look at ideal plants for children’s gardens. Whether an urban park or a suburban back yard, children’s gardens encourage a love of plants, play and learning. Here are a few of our favorites to consider when designing professional landscapes that cater to children.…

Water Woes

These Plants Thrive When the Weather is Dry

As drought conditions tease the Midwest, minds turn to water-wise plants that can take the heat with little stress. These are generally established perennial plants and shrubs that have adapted to low-moisture conditions, so they need less water. Many are also pollinator friendly. During National Pollinator Week – and throughout the growing season – we…

Shady Characters

Garden Asset Shrubs

Shady characters like Ruby Slippers Oakleaf Hydrangea and Little Henry® Itea are assets in gardens and garden spaces that don’t get much sun. For color, texture, size and variety, hardy perennial shrubs for shade can offer the benefits of their full-sun counterparts. For more shrub selections this season, visit Loma Vista Nursery’s online catalog. Little…

The Power of Plants

Create Gardens with Benefits

From environmental to economic and from health and wellness to food and shelter, much has been studied – and written – about the benefits of plants. Through inspiration that enriches human lives, they also support pollinators, wildlife and the natural ecosystem. This is our industry’s sweet spot. Gardens nurture us by providing spaces for peace,…

The Season’s Not Over Yet

Extend Fall Color With Plants

While the calendar inches ever closer to winter, the Midwest is still generally experiencing mild temperatures – and a gorgeous array of seasonal colors. We’ve selected a few of our favorite plants that put on an autumnal show. Make a note to add these to your landscape in spring for fall blooms next year. Quick…

Slippery Slopes

Plants for Tough & Tricky Spaces

Good design doesn’t have to take a back seat to slopes and swales. Rather, tricky spaces are perfect places for perennials such as milkweed, coneflower and goldenrod. These workhorse plants can withstand climate change adversities while holding their own in color, texture and form. Here are a few other favorites we grow at Loma Vista…

Hardy Options

Drought Tolerant Plants that Stand Up to Stress

Landscape professionals looking for stylish, drought tolerant plants to include in their designs and projects have a variety of hardy options. Once established, the following selections stand up to stress from high heat, low moisture and poor soils while contributing unique color, functionality and texture. Here are some of our team’s favorites. Dark Knight Bluebeard…