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Plant Species Highlight

The Allure of Roses

With about 150 species of wild roses and another 30,000 cultivated varieties, the first rose described for science – Rosa hilliae – was discovered in 1883 by Charles Leo Lesquereux, a paleobotanist. Lesquereux’s rose was initially found by geologists in samples collected in 1877 from the Colorado Florissant Fossil Beds.  While that’s pretty impressive, roses…

February: Behind the Scenes

Here Comes Spring

When the soil starts to warm and plants begin unfurling their sleepy leaves, spring is just around the corner. And we’re busy as bees in summer. We caught up with Duane Huss, Loma Vista Nursery’s operations manager, for a behind-the-scenes look at February’s activities. With spring a handful of weeks ahead, Duane Huss, operations manager,…

Prune to Grow

Nine Questions with Duane Huss

First in Our “Behind the Scenes” Series In winter, thoughts naturally turn to spring, which makes us think about pruning – and this is a very good time to pick up the pruners and look at the trees. We caught up with Duane Huss, Loma Vista Nursery’s operations manager, for quick tips on how to…

Petal Variety

A Rose of Another Color is Just as Sweet

We love them, don’t we – those crimson roses that smell so sweet, energize our bodies and provide pleasure to our brains? Red roses elicit feelings of love, passion and longing, while the color red is a physical stimulant associated with excitement. And then there are roses of other colors and we love them just…

Softscape Landscapes

Rose Varieties Create Art in the Garden

An inspired garden reminiscent of Rembrandt calls for roses. Creating living art in the landscape grows environmental appreciation, sparks creativity and provides a connection with others. With a palette of plant options in size, color and style the floral choices for planting an artful garden are limitless. Loma Vista Nursery is growing the following roses…