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Check out our Education Message (and we won an Award!)

The Award

We are proud to say that we won the Student Engagement Award at The Western this year (January 16-18). This is the first year for the award, and it was presented to the exhibitor who had the most meaningful interactions with students. We pride ourselves in being leaders of the industry, so we made it a point to teach students how they can enter into the field of horticulture. We are honored to have received this award because it is proof that we are sticking to our core values.

Pictured: Our award from The Western

Education Focused

Again, we recently teamed up with Sue Markgraf from GreenMark Public Relations to amp up our media presence and to create messages that better communicate and showcase what we at Loma Vista Nursery have been doing all along. One of our core values at Loma Vista Nursery is that of education, so it was important for us to create a specific education message.

Education Focused~ Loma Vista Nursery stands for the growth through education for our customer, our team, and our industry.


Let’s Break it Down

The reason we are in business at all is because we believe in the importance of this industry and plants in general.

Our customer: Our customers are what drive our business, and it is not enough to just get them plants. We want to educate our customers on two things: how to care for plants and how our operations work. We grow awesome products, so we care about them well after they’ve left our property. We want all of our plants to thrive in the landscapes they’re planted into. By education our customers, we can then ensure that our plants will receive the care they deserve. We also education our customers on how our operations work because we want to be a transparent company. Our customers know every step of our process (from growing to sanitation to shipping) because it’s important for them to know how we treat our products.

Our team: Here at the nursery, we have a growth mindset. There are always ways to improve our operations, but we are also super proud of how we run things right now. In order to be leaders in the industry and to ensure our plants are the best they can be, we provide training and educational opportunities for all of our team members.

Picutred: Thomas Minter, health manager, and Michael Carrasquillo, shop mechanic, during training at our nursery.

Our industry: We cannot stress this enough: we are in the industry because we care about the industry. We want more people to understand what horticulture is, know the benefits of working in horticulture, and create opportunities to help support the industry. We accomplish this through a variety of ways. We have a summer internship program (check it out HERE), we attend college career fairs, and we host lectures/talks at universities in order to educate students about horticulture and to hopefully inspire them to enter into the industry. We also support education within our industry by being a part of different organizations and plants boards (more of that to come later in our Industry Message blog).

Pictured: Brooke Stamm, propogation and perennial manager, and Leanne Follett, HR, at the 2017

Our Messages

We may have new messaging, but that does not mean our values and operations are new. Our new messaging is a tool to better communicate and showcase what we at Loma Vista Nursery have been doing all along. Stay tuned for blog posts about our new Core Messages coming in the next few weeks.

Check out our earlier blog about our new vision and mission statements HERE.

Pictured: our 2018 summer interns

Contact Us

If you want to contact us to talk about our new messaging or about anything else. Feel free to email us at sales@lomavistanursery.com or call us at (785) 229-7200.