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New Little Lime Punch™ Hydrangea

Summertime Gets Even Sweeter

We’re looking forward to sweet summertime and a little lime punch. Of course, we enjoy ours in a champagne coupe. This season, we’re also drinking in the deliciousness of Proven Winners® ColorChoice® new Little Lime Punch™ panicle hydrangea as it swirls to market. Proven Winners® ColorChoice® photo Just like its Little Lime® cousin, Little Lime…

Magnificent Monarchs

Plants to Attract and Entertain

Bright orange wings with delicate black lacing stop for a momentary flutter. The landing location is the flower you planted. The flower you have watered, weeded and maintained for this very moment. It is a moment of nature’s rhythm taking place before your eyes. Whether you have room for one container, patio garden or large…

Loveable Lilacs

There’s a lilac for every landscape

In a world full of colorful plants and endless landscaping options, it can be hard to select the perfect plant for each space. This spring, the decision is easy. Plant lilacs. They offer springtime blooms with sweet fragrance to enliven your landscape. Lilacs are great for attracting pollinators like butterflies. To help with the selection…

The Perks of Planting

How Gardening Can Impact Health

Sure, it feels good to get your hands in the soil. Gardening also feels good for other reasons. Here are the benefits: Mental Health – According to Psychology Today, gardening can improve mental health by providing greater mental clarity and feelings of reward. It’s also good for alleviating anxiety and reducing stress. Physical Health –…